Professor Peter Krustrup

University of Southern Denmark

Peter Krustrup, Professor of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, and Honorary Visiting Professor of Exeter University, UK, Shanghai University of Sports, China, and Beijing Sports University, China. Peter has authored >250 original research articles, with >12000 citations, and has got an H-index of 53. His three main research areas are Muscle Physiology, Human Performance and Health Effects of Sports. Currently, Peter is continuing his pioneering work on the fitness and health effects of football and other team sports. His research includes investigations of the cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal effects of team sports compared with other types of physical activity (PA), and its potential as prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases. He is a UEFA Pro Licence coach and worked as assistant coach for the Danish Women’s National Team that won a bronze medal in the Euro 2013. He is an editor for European Journal of Applied Physiology and British Journal of Sports Medicine and has acted as guest editor for two “Football for Health” special issues in SJMSS and a “Team Sport and Health” special issue in JSHS. He was chairman of the organising committee for the World Congress of Science in Football in 2015 (WCSF2015) and the Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016 on Children, Youth and Physical Activity. He has received several research dissemination awards, such as Men’s Health Award, the Danish FA CSR Award and the Faculty of Science Media Award.