Professor Damian Farrow (B.Ed; M.AppSc; PhD)

Victoria University and the Australian Institute of Sport

Damian holds a joint appointment with Victoria University and the Australian Institute of Sport as a Professor of Skill Acquisition. Damian is responsible for the provision of evidence-based support to Australian coaches seeking to measure and improve the design of the skill learning environment. He has worked with a wide range of elite sports programs including the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team, a range of super rugby franchises and numerous AFL teams including the Adelaide Crows and Western Bulldogs. Using his experiences as PE teacher and junior football coach, Damian conducts applied research centred on understanding the factors critical to developing skill and sport expertise. He has authored over 100 scientific publications, 8 books and 100’s of presentations on the topic.

Damian will be presenting a workshop at WCSF2019 on ‘Periodising Skill Acquisition for Football’.
This workshop will apply the SPORT acronym (ie; Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility and Tedium) to the systematic development of football skills. The underpinning principles will be detailed and complimented with practical applications. Attendees will walk away for the session with an overarching framework for how to effectively develop football skills.