Juan Carlos Mazza

Rosario Central Soccer Club, Argentina

Exercise Physiologist and Physician of Rosario Central Soccer Club, Rosario – Argentina (2014-2019).

Member of the Sport Sciences Program, in High Performance Center for Children and Youth Divisions, of the same institution (2014-2019).

Head Exercise Physiologist of the Argentine National Soccer Team (1995-1998) (Period in which the National Teams represented Argentina in Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, 1996/97 South American Qualifier, and France 1998 World Championship).

Exercise Physiologist in the research’s process in adaptations to Altitude (25 day’s experience, Argentina Soccer Team, 1997, La Quiaca – Argentina – Altitude: 3.600 Mt.).

Director of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science’s Department of Racing Soccer Club (Buenos Aires), with focus on Youth Divisions (2009-2011). Exercise Physiologist of the Professional Soccer team in the same period.

Head Exercise Physiologist of the Professional Soccer team, Vélez Sarsfield Athletic Club, Argentina (2005-2006).

Member of the American College of Sport Medicine (USA); Presenter Tutorial Lecture “Soccer, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition: Implications in Training and Competition” (Orlando, FL, May 2019).