Jay Ellis

Lecturer at Australian College of Physical Education

Jay Ellis is a sports performance academic at the Australian College of Physical Education. He works closely with university students in preparing them with the necessary skills required to work within professional sport. Jay knows all too well the importance of demonstrating the appropriate skills and attributes required to gain an opportunity from university to work in professional sport. He has spent the past 3 years learning and developing within football both at an A-League and national team level.  Jay has successfully developed and implemented a performance analysis department within ACPE to provide the opportunity for students to “apply” their “knowledge” on a daily basis.

Jay’s presentation will focus on “facilitating the career growth on young sports professionals”. The keynote will address the importance and effectiveness of communications between universities and professional clubs, the understanding of building unit content that is relevant to industry practices and finally, the importance of creating a successful learning environment by utilising industry leading software to enhance development.